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2007 Ford Taurus - Audio System Bluetooth Addition

This is how I added Bluetooth to 2007 Ford Taurus SE sedan factory audio system. AUX jack addition

  1. Mounted left and right RCA jacks in a non conductive panel and attached it behind the dash.
  2. Removed the +/- L/R from the 20 pin connector of the in dash CD player and connected them to the RCA jacks.
  3. Connected the Bluetooth device to ground and switched power.
  4. Plugged the Bluetooth device into the RCA jacks.

9Dk Blu/Wht+R RCA jack right +
19Gry-R RCA jack right -
10Wht/Pnk-L RCA jack left -
20Brn/Lt Grn+L RCA jack left +
1BlkGND Bluetooth ground (blk)
Bluetooth power (red)

Connector pin removal made easy:



Playing a CD selects the Bluetooth input.  "Real" or silent CD doesn't matter because the CD player audio is disconnected.
Essentially the in dash CD player is replaced by the Bluetooth input.

AM/FM radio still works because it is actually in the rear control unit (RCU), along with the amplifier, that is mounted in the trunk.

Audio quality is on par with CD.

CD functionality could have been retained by using a 4PDT switch.  Don't need a CD though when entire music library is at fingertips.

The iSimple MusicStream ISBT23 Rev. 2 Bluetooth device was selected for the following reasons:

  • 4 volt preamp to drive the factory amplifier better
  • Hardwired installation
    • Turns on/off with vehicle
    • Automatically connects to the paired Bluetooth device
    • Does not need a power port adapter
  • Factory like clean installation
    • Nothing visually exposed
    • Mounting and connections behind the dash

Added power filter, in fire proof enclosure, to remove alternator whine and reduce hiss:

  • Filter:
VPwr (switched) —› 33Ω, 5W, 5%, wirewound —› 470μF, 25 volt —› Gnd
  • ISBT23:
red wire (+ positive) connected between the resistor and capacitor
  • Enclosure:
1/2" x 2" iron pipe with end caps

Integrated Control Panel (ICP) Audio System Connector Pinout

PinColorSignal PinColorSignal
1BlkGND (behind center of dash) 11Wht/RedVBatt (hot at all times)
2Dk Blu/WhtIllum Out (interior lights system) 12Blk/YelGND (behind center of dash)
3Tan/Lt BluDisabled Ind (supplemental restraints system) 13Lt Blu/Pnk+ ACP (audio control protocol)
4Lt Grn/BlkASYSON (audio system on) 14Tan- ACP (audio control protocol)
5Red/YelVPwr (hot in start or run) 15Gry/Red?
6Blk/PnkVPwr (hot in run or acc) 16Red/YelVPwr (hot in start or run)
7Dk Grn/VioDefrost Relay (defogger system) 17Dk Blu/OrgDefrost Switch In (defogger system)
8 18
9Dk Blu/Wht+ Right Audio 19Gry- Right Audio
10Wht/Pnk- Left Audio 20Brn/Lt Grn+ Left Audio
Zucchini 2007 Ford Taurus - Audio System Bluetooth Addition